Scissors, paper, glue and imagination

My process begins with combing through used magazines, books, maps, and other printed materials that I’ve acquired over the years to discover images that somehow spark my interest. I have a pretty extensive collection of clipped images I’ve stored away. There are a number of these that I’ve been holding onto for months, years, and, even, decades for use in some upcoming unformed project. I often sift through my image library just to reacquaint myself with what I’ve collected. That way I allow the opportunity for certain pieces to jump out at me and be put to use in whatever collage project I am working on at the time. I’m consistently creating something, adding and editing elements in a somewhat intentional manner but also very much allowing my subconscious to guide me in the process. I’ll work on a piece until it looks “right” to me. What this produces is certainly a creation of my mind, the interplay of my inner and outer worlds, and it is a surprising and infinitely hopeful process each time.

In March of 2019, I put on a solo exhibition and collage workshop at The WasteShed of Chicago, an art reuse and community center. Several of my newer pieces are currently available to view and purchase at Space Oddities, a bookstore and gallery in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. Most recently, I have become a member of the online directory of womxn-identified artists, All She Makes.

Collage for me is a joyous, hands-on experience. Check out my portfolio to view more of my work and also see my evolution as a visual artist. I am available for collaboration as well as commission.